The Case of the West Memphis Three

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What happened in West Memphis on the night of May 5th 1993? Every step is reinforced with copies, scans, and transcripts of the actual case files pertaining to this case that are available at www.wm3.org. This web site would not be possible if it were not for the tremendous efforts of the individuals behind wm3.org, the book “Devil’s Knot,” and the “Paradise Lost” documentaries. Out of respect for Rick Murray, one of the victim’s biological father, Christopher will be identified as Christopher Murray since this would be and always has been his legal name. Rick Murray never signed any legal documents allowing John Mark Byers to adopt Christopher as Arkansas law required.


1.      May 5th 1993 (Chronology of Events)

The Decision

The Con

The Abduction

The Alibi

The Murder

The Dump

The Accomplice

The Police Log

2.      The Murder Weapon

3.      Police Informant & Career Criminal, John Mark Byers

4.      Melissa Byers

5.      The West Memphis Police Department

6.      Contact: info@midsouthjustice.com